Day 11

After writing yesterday’s blog I wondered what more could I write here? What more could I share which is not depressing in these dark times? And nothing came to mind. I cannot bare the thought of sharing depressing news without a glimmer of hope. At this point that seems like a distant possibility, with over 200,000 deaths predicted in the US alone and at least a million around the world.  Keeping that in my mind, I have decided to conclude this series here. That doesn’t mean that I will stop writing. The fact that I have undertaken this exercise for the last 11 days means that I can write and that is something I will continue. However, not necessarily daily. Not necessarily on my life in quarantine. Maybe I will write about the book I am reading right now or I could write about the project I am working on right now or I could also write something creative just like “And this one flew away”. The possibilities are endless. Maybe, as and when there are some more developments, I will come and update this series. Just not tomorrow, not as a commitment.

I definitely learned a lot writing this blog. I discovered a new side of my writing, which I never thought I had. I understand my capabilities and limitations better than I did before starting this. I intended to make the readers of the blog curious, make them laugh, tug at their heart and probably get a few emotions out. I hope I was able to achieve some of it if not all. I definitely went through an entire range of emotions from irritation to excitement, depression to happiness, and from a void in my heart to a heart filled with emotions. I exposed a part of myself to the world, which I don’t usually do, allowing a sneak peak into my life, my thought process and my emotions. This was a series where I wasn’t holding back and expressing myself in a very raw form.

I know I had intended to write this series throughout my time in isolation. However, at this point, I don’t see that happening without depressing myself even more. However, I do hope to see you in another blog post very soon.

If you liked this series or would have liked to hear more from me, you can always reach out to me and I would be happy to hear more from you.


If you are new here, maybe reading the previous posts in this series will give you some context. Stay safe.

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