Day 7

Did I tell you before about why did I take the 21-day challenge? No, I am not talking about the whole being an unfit part. I am talking about the 21-day part. Why 21 days? What’s so special about the number 21? Well, it is conventional wisdom that it takes 21 days to form a habit, or at least it is Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s wisdom in his 1960s book “21 days to form a habit idea” which later became conventional. Without getting into the accuracy of the claim and the numerous research which prove or disprove this notion, for the sake of this article let us just assume that this was the case. So, the purpose of the 21-day challenge was not to prove anything. It was a step in trying to form a habit. Does that mean after the 21st day, I will eat clean for the rest of my life? Well, no. After the 21st day, I would be more inclined to eat clean than junk. There would obviously be a day here and there where I would eat junk, either by choice or by lack of one. But like any other habit, it would be natural for me to eat clean than to eat junk. The rest depends on how do I nurture the habit.

Anyway, why the rant on the purpose of the 21-day challenge? Well, India has just announced a 21-day lockdown in the country to curb the spread of coronavirus. (Secretly, I would like to take the credit for the “21” part of the 21-day lockdown part). Do you understand the impact of this? A third of the world’s population is to be physically disconnected with itself and with the rest of the world. These will have huge ramifications in the larger scheme of things later in the year. However, I believe, it was the right thing to do. Will the spread of the virus be stopped after 21 days? Who knows! Maybe the spread would have been controlled or maybe the lockdown would have to be extended by a week. The point is, the government is doing the best it can by taking such a huge step. It is a great opportunity for us to do our bit in saving our world for future generations by supporting the government in this.

It also brings me to the point of bringing up the 21-day challenge part. Each of us can utilize this time in quarantine by working on that one thing we have always wanted to do. Loved how cool someone looks while playing guitar? Go ahead and learn it. Wondered if your body had the flexibility to pull off that dance step? Go ahead and master it. Wanted to write a book? Go ahead and write a page or two every day. I will edit it for you if you need help. Wanted to work on your mental health? Go ahead and do it. Whatever that one thing you always wanted to do was, you have the time and the opportunity. Just do it! It will not just help you distract yourself in these dark and depressing times, you will also have one less thing on your bucket list by the end of it. If you have any other ideas, drop a comment below and I will be happy to hear about it.

As for me, I am successfully done with day 5. I have 16 more days of eating salad to form a habit and then, as they say, it’s over for you b*tches.


If you are new here, maybe reading the previous posts in this series will give you some context. Stay safe. Grab the opportunity.

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