Day 9

I am overwhelmed by the feedback of the few people who have bothered to read the blog so far. Honestly, I never thought this would get any traction at all. Initially, I was just writing for myself, to keep myself distracted. However, this thing grew bigger than my expectations. So much that I spend almost three hours a day on writing new article, posting the previous article, editing the articles with my dear friend, who btw puts so much effort to edit and proof my writing, and finally sharing it with friends and family. I am really thankful for all that love and support. It has helped me get through the last one week of self isolation better than I had hoped.

However, it also brings to light another fact to light. Having spent 2 weeks in forced isolation, there is still no end in sight. What adds to the depression is the fact that people are still not serious about it. Today, the United States of America passed China in the total number of reported Coronavirus cases. The curve has not yet shown the signs of slowing down. Countries around the world are on the same path. Italy and Spain leading the charts in the total number of Coronavirus deaths and yet the world isn’t ready to learn. How do people not get it? It’s a virus with no cure as of now! The more people get infected, the more people die. It’s that simple. Also, you don’t have to show symptoms to be infected. You don’t have to be infected to be a carrier. There have been reports of people getting the virus in under 20 minutes of exposure. Yet, people are out to walk their dogs, or meet their girlfriends or catch some sun. While I understand it is not ideal that you have to be in isolation but the situation is not ideal. I have ranted on it before, I don’t want to do it again.

There are videos of people still holding processions, gatherings like nothing has happened. There are interviews of people calling it a conspiracy theory and using cynical, religious and/or political views to justify those theories. It is plain sad that instead of battling it out, there are some who have started to put value on human lives. There are some who are saying if 98% of people live, then for the sake of country’s economy I don’t think the 2% will mind giving a sacrifice? Like, really? I would request all of you to not entertain such thoughts and shut down the ones bringing in such thoughts. Not ignore, shut them down with logical factual arguments. Where does this stop? Today 2% of the population, tomorrow 5%, day after maybe 10%, after that 50%? It is this line of thinking which will take us to doomsday rather than the virus itself.

Please stay safe. Please stay indoors. Please think about all the lives you are saving by staying indoors.


If you are new here, maybe reading the previous posts in this series will give you some context. Stay safe. Keep people around you safe.


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