Day 4

Today was a very tiring day. My friends had finally caught up on the blog and were sweet enough to call up and check on me. Everyone assured me that all of us are in this together and that I could call them anytime I felt lonely or stupid. Let’s be frank. In this situation, I am both at the same time at any given time. However, I am humbled and feel blessed to have so many good people in my life that I can turn to in times of need.

Apart from these socially distant socializing phone calls, I experimented with kneading flour and making bread. Things people do when they are free. That experiment ate up my entire afternoon. And it took me less than 30 mins to eat up my entire experiment. Btw, it looked a lot easier when professionals did it over the internet. I messed up my entire kitchen. It took more effort to clean up that mess than it took for me to prepare my entire meal. But then people around the world are counting the number of tiles on their bathroom floor, phrase in a song, grains in a bowl of rice, and weird things like that to kill time. At least I was productive, right!?

I realize that in the last two days, all my feelings have come from discussions with people. Today is no exception. A former colleague of mine had an idea of developing a website to help people find test/treatment centers around them and needed a hand with development efforts. I talked to him to understand his requirements and the entire flow of things. While talking, I found a pattern in all the numerous conversations I had with other friends of mine and realized that people have an inherent trait of finding opportunity to do something in every situation. Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset will always find a problem to solve. Someone with a creative mindset will always find an opportunity to express the situation differently. Someone with a growth mindset will always find an opportunity to learn and grow. I am not sure if they realize that they have such a trait or they just naturally do what comes to them. I am not even sure if one can develop this ability. However, it is this ability of people to persevere and find the silver lining in the darkest of times that gives me hope. Hope that someone with a scientific trait finds this opportunity and comes up with a solution to blow the entire situation away.

On a lighter note. Day 2 of 21 day challenge successfully completed. I have also been able to write 4 days without a break! I have outdone myself.

If you are new here, maybe reading the previous posts in this series will give you some context. Stay safe. Find your calling.

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