Microsoft To Do List- An App Review

This week Microsoft came up with its own To Do List app after acquiring the German company Wunderlist in 2015. The app is still in Preview though. It is said that the team behind To Do List is the same team which created Wunderlist and Microsoft is really going all in on To Do List, as it has already announced that Wunderlist would be retired in favor of To Do List. However, Microsoft has restrained from mentioning any timeline for the same.

This move might raise some eyebrows, with the fact that if they already had a To Do List app, why Microsoft is creating another one instead of working on it and improving it. However, this might have to do with tighter integration with its stack and the effort required to overhaul Wunderlist to do it might be greater than the effort required to create a new application from scratch. Probably, that is why Microsoft is using the expertise it already has (read, the Wunderlist team), to build it at a quicker pace. We have seen with Microsoft Teams, that Microsoft can integrate its product very tightly within its ecosystem. With Office 360, being one of its most popular Enterprise solution, do not be surprised if it comes integrated with Office 360, Office and other Microsoft products. You can be assured that when it happens, there won’t be any hiccups to it.

In the meantime, I decided to give it a shot and downloaded the same and am currently running it along with my Wunderlist, just in case something gets messed up. But apart from the initial hiccup to import my lists from Wunderlist, things seem to be going fine with To Do list. It has a nice and clean UI and provides for most of the basic features which Wunderlist provides for an individual.
However, if the To Do List team were to have their own To Do List of features to be added in the near future, or rather, I wish it would be as follows:

1. Ability to share your lists.
2. Ability to have sub-tasks in the list.
3. Ability to attach file in the list.
4. An app on all platforms (Windows UWP, Mac, Linux, Web, iOS, Android, Android Wear, Apple Watch among others).
5. Open up APIs to add more custom integration with third party applications.
6. Integrate it with various Office and Office 360 products to enhance productivity for Business and Professional users.

How many boxes get ticked there and how many remain a wish remains to be seen. If you have also checked this app out and have anything to say about it, I would be happy to hear it.

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