Fixing the Wifi Adapter missing issue from Windows 10

Microsoft has released its greatest and latest Operating System which empowers people to do more and achieve more. But all of this doesn’t come without its fair share of controversies. One of the most prevalent issues with Windows 10 is that the wifi network adapter suddenly decides not to show up. I tried a lot of stuff to fix it. Tried their forums, tweeted out to them, used Ubuntu to try to turn it on. But to no avail. I also reset the PC and in an attempt lost all the installed softwares. But the damn wireless adapter won’t show up.
Right then, I decided to take matters into my own hands and found my handy screwdriver. I decided it was time for the laptop to go under the knife. I shutdown the system, removed the battery and carefully unscrewed the back of the laptop. I then went ahead to clean the motherboard and the fan with a brush. I located the Wireless adapter in the hardware, (to the ones wondering which is it, it has the label of your MAC ID on it) disconnected the wire and removed it from the slot. I then cleaned the adapter and cleaned the slot it was in with a brush. I was careful to keep everything dry in the meanwhile. Now comes the tricky part. I switched on the laptop without putting the adapter back in. I did that to ensure that when I put it in, the Operating System reads it as a new device and loads the drivers for it correctly again. So, this time when the laptop booted up without the wireless adapter I checked the device manager again to ensure that no other devices were affected and as expected, the operating system didn’t notice a thing. It was a classic case of, did you try plugging it out and plugging it in again. So, this time I again switched off the system, put the wireless adapter back into its position, shut the screws tightly and switched on the laptop again. VOILA! Just like magic, the wireless adapter was working as good as new.

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