Extract all the frames in a video


I recently needed to extract all the frames from a video and thought that maybe others would find it useful as well. This is assuming one has OpenCV installed.

int main()
VideoCapture video(videopath);
if (!video.isOpened())
return -1;
Mat im;
int fileNumber = 0;
string filename = imagepath;
string fileformat = ".jpg";
while (video.read(im))
string filenumber = to_string(fileNumber);
string fullFileName = filename + filenumber + fileformat;
imwrite(fullFileName, im);
return 0;

This code will read the video from the videopath and extract all of its image and save it to the imagepath. All the frames will be numbered from 0 to n where n is the number of frames in the video. You can tinker around the code for your purpose. If you like it do leave a comment. 🙂

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