Dear Apple

The much hyped iPhone X event brought about the usual sets of discussions and outrage over Apple not innovating anything and that it is on its path to Doom. Well, like others, I have my fair share of complaints for you. But to be fair to you, it is your product line and you get to decide what your vision for your product or products is. I have a problem with inconsistency in your vision.

Last year, Apple shook the world with two bold decisions.

  1. Elimination of 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone
  2. Replacing all standard ports with Thunderbolt 3/USB-C.

While, I was meh to these decisions as even I feel that wireless is the future and have been longing for a “1 port to rule them all” solution to everything. However, with this year’s iPhone launch, you have sent out mixed messages once again. While, the new iPhones are capable of fast charging, Apple doesn’t provide the accessories required, namely a USB-C to lightning cable and a USB-C wall plug, in the box. You are still providing USB-A to lightning in the box. People will not use USB-C till they get USB-C accessories. If Apple continues to provide USB-A in the box for iPhones, people will have to buy USB-C to USB-A dongles, thus continue living a dongle life or spend more money to buy the USB-C to lightning cable for an additional cost. This is not taking the world forward. It is milking the people by making them helpless. Last year, when Apple launched the new Macbook Pro, I bought on to the fanfare and convinced myself that the dongle life is a minor inconvenience for long term gains. I convinced myself that soon everyone will follow path and we will have USB-C/ Thunderbolt 3 accessories all around. I had reasons to. Apple gave a clear message. To support its message, they released a new Thunderbolt 3 display and a new Thunderbolt 3 backup storage drive. Well, why else do you need ports these days? External Display and data transfer. If those are taken care of, well who cares, right? Right? Wrong!

While Apple believes, USB –C is the future for its Macbook line, it doesn’t necessarily believe the same for its iPhone and iPad line. This year, when the iPhone launched, believe it or not, I was more curious about what’s in the box more than what’s in the phone. I wanted the message to be reiterated. I wanted to see a world of harmony. But Alas! It wasn’t to be. Right now, the situation is that, no 2 of Apple devices can be connected to each other directly. One would need one or more dongles to make it happen. While comparison to Steve Jobs would be unfair, but he would have ensured that such a scenario never existed. The end user should not be making effort to connect Apple devices with each other. So while, those did not jump on to Apple’s decision of going all in on USB-C would be able to connect/charge their phones with their laptops but the ones who believed them should pay more? I don’t know what to call of it? I hope you see through it and fix it.


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