Day Dream

How I imagine the future of technology:

  1. At some point, Mobile Phones or smart phones as we know them would become obsolete.
  2. Wearables – Watch, Glasses, headphones- will become much more smart and hence would do much more tasks and probably replace the phone altogether.
  3. Screens will become ubiquitous and much smarter – to the level that it can realize the person looking at it and pair with his/her wearable and display the content he/she wants to see. This can be done for multiple people at once. That is multiple people watching the same screen will see different things based on what they want to see.
  4. Personal Laptops as we know them will become obsolete. Most of the users will have shifted to a touch based portable device, like tablets. Mobile Operating Systems will become capable enough to handle development requirements. Cloud Systems/Personal Server Computers would be preferred for complex computational needs.
  5. AR/Mixed Reality will become an integral part of our life. We would probably use it more for educational, entertainment and business purposes. However, it would play a major role in product Marketing more than anything else. “Delighting a customer” would change forever.
  6. Drones also would be quite common. Using them for delivery, police patrol and security, beaming internet are quite a few of the applications.

If you have anything to add/ suggest, reach out to me 🙂

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